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IN state reps to vote on HJR-3 on Monday

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On Saturday, some in Evansville had the chance to voice their opinions to state leaders before Indiana lawmakers vote on Monday whether to pass a resolution to ban same-sex marriage.

The resolution is known as HJR-3. If it is passed on Monday, the decision will be left up to the voters: should the state constitution be changed to permanently ban same-sex marriage in Indiana?

It was standing room only at the Evansville town hall meeting on Saturday. People attended from all over the state to listen in and sometimes chime in.

State legislators fielded questions about HJR-3 and, both sides, for it and against it, spoke up about the issue.

Only one state representative on Saturday's panel, who will vote on Monday, has not chosen a side.

"You've got peoples beliefs and their convictions and love and emotion and everything and sometimes you have to sit back and try to look at all of the big picture," said Wendy McNamara.

Thirteen state representatives will vote on HJR-3 on Monday.

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