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Business owners outraged over article ranking best bathrooms to have sex

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The top five best places to have bathroom sex in Evansville? It's the topic of an article posted on an local radio station's website that is causing a lot of talk. 

Owners of businesses on the list aren't very happy, but the radio station says, it's all in good fun.

The article, written by freelance writer Mike Adams, was posted on WGBF's website and it has some of those business owners considering legal action.

"I don't find it humorous at all," says Brian Bennett with Penny Lane Coffee Shop.

The bathroom inside Penny Lane Coffee Shop is about the size of a bedroom closet, and according to WGBF's website, it's the best place in Evansville for bathroom sex.

"It's not funny," Bennett says. "I don't want people to be afraid to walk in to Penny Lane because they think people are doing something we don't condone or tolerate on our premises at any time."

According to the list, rounding out the top five are The Jungle restaurant, Bokeh Lounge, Greek's Pizzeria, and Cork n' Cleaver. 

"It's very upsetting," says Scott Schuam, the owner of Greek's Pizzeria.

Schuam says his restaurant is a family business.

"Little children and grandparents and all in between, that's what I want for this place," he tells 14 News.

WGBF Brand Manager, Mike Sanders, also known as "The Sandman" during afternoon drive, says its all in good fun.

"We always ride the edge with a lot of things," he says. "We try to appeal to things that guys like; babes, rock, sports. You know the guy with the active lifestyle."

Sanders says the article is meant to be satirical. The freelance writer sent it to him and he posted it.

"I thought, 'Well, this is funny,' to say the very least. So I put it up there," Sanders says.

As for the business-owners making the list, they say no one has ever had sex in their bathrooms. 

"If they're doing it, they're doing it in two minutes," Schuam says. "I just wish it was gone. I just wish it was never happened."

The business owners 14 News spoke with on Wednesday say they are talking with their attorneys to see what they can pursue.

We also spoke with some customers at Penny Lane, who say it won't deter them from coming in.

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