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Polar Vortex Express

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bye bye deep freeze

Temperatures surged to 20-degrees on Tuesday after a -2 Monday afternoon. Temps will continue to ascend into the lower to middle 30's this afternoon ending the cold snap.  A light wintry mix will move in late tonight and early Thursday morning. Temperatures climb into the mid 40's on Friday and close to 50-degrees over the weekend with rain likely on Friday evening through Saturday. Byron has the details.
Back to the books
Some area schools are still closed are on a delay this morning, but many students are headed back to class.  The complete list is right here, and well update in real time on Sunrise.
Frozen pipes
The brutal cold is still taking its toll on pipes.  We'll update the latest situation as more cases pop up overnight.

Rate hikes

Electricity rates may increase for some western Kentucky residents. Emily Busby will have details about a meeting today in Owensboro where you can find out more information.


We're also on the scene of a fire in Newburgh, which broke out a short time ago.

So enjoy the mid 30's today, and we'll see you on Sunrise.



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