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Battles continue with freezing pipes across the Tri-State

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The battle to keep pipes from freezing, thawing and bursting continue. Some Evansville apartment units are without running water Tuesday night. 

One of the tenants in the units on Dexter Street says she's been without water for two days, and like others with this problem, she wants to know when her faucets will run again.

"I wasn't expecting to wake up and it be frozen," resident Maya Carter says. "It's terrible. It's not a good feeling at all." 

With hairdryers blowing at max capacity, she's hoping to get her water back on soon.

"Pretty much, out of all of this, I just wish my pipes would be unfroze and I can get some type of help," Carter says.

Carter says her pipes froze when temperatures dipped below zero on Monday morning and since then, she says, " I can't flush my toilet. I can't wash my hands. I have to use hand sanitizer. I don't like it at all."

14 News visited the property's manager at ERS Management, who says the problem is city-wide.

"I would say anyone with frozen pipes has been on the list is probably upset. I'd be upset if I had to wait two or three days for my heat to get fixed on my own house, but at the same time, this is city-wide," Jonathon Miller says.

Like other property managers, Miller and Dave Clark, say their phones have been ringing off the hook with dozens of tenants whose pipes are frozen.

"Right now, if there's some pipes busted inside a tenant's house, but it's not leaking, we really just have to wait for it to take its course, to unfreeze," Clark says.  

That leaves Carter to dream of warmer days ahead. 

"Not having water is kind of hard. I don't like it at all. I'm not used to being without water," Carter says. 

Miller and Clark say they're working with every available plumber to get to everyone on their list. Clark let 14 News know that he's now dealing with burst pipes at his own home.

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