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Many Tri-State businesses dealing with frozen pipes

More and more Tri-State businesses are dealing with frozen or busted pipes. A business on Evansville's west side had almost two feet of water inside Tuesday morning. 

The old Shoe Carnival on the west side was completely flooded when workers arrived. The pipes had apparently busted Monday night leaving pools of water rushing out the doors into the sidewalk.

The property is managed by Summit Real Estate Services. We're told that at least three of their 14 properties had busted pipes on Tuesday.

Jan Meeks with the company says they were not expecting any frozen pipes after nothing on Monday.

"We didn't have any, but overnight everything fell apart. Heat is on in all spaces, but we've got occupied spaces with burst pipes and vacant spaces with burst pipes. We are scrambling today," Meeks said.

Berry Plastics had to evacuate Tuesday morning after a frozen pipe caused a small leak. No one was injured there and they resumed production shortly after.

Several other businesses reported busted pipes. Those are: 

Verizon Wireless in Henderson- The ceiling collapsed around 10:30 a.m. due to burst pipes. There were no injuries. They temporarily closed the store to clean up, but were open in about a half hour.

Brooklyn Place Apartments- There were several leaks reported within the apartments. They are aware of these and are working to fix them.

Cheddars- The sprinkler system froze and a head broke Monday night. They were able to shut off the water and clean up Monday night. The head is being fixed on Wednesday.

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