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Heating, air technicians in demand during cold weather

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This cold weather means extra work for some service technicians. Furnaces that stopped across Evansville are on a growing repair list. 

Heating and air technicians have some of their busiest days when it gets this cold, and sometimes they have to work on roofs to fix furnaces.

J.E. Shekell Heating and Air normally has technicians that regularly check commercial roof units. However, because of the sub-zero temperatures they postponed those checks.

Service technician at J.E. Shekell, Justin Landrum says he's had more calls than he normally does, but it could be a good thing in the long run.

"It's just hectic when the weather snaps like this and folks aren't used to it. It kind of causes a little wide-stream, not chaos, but it makes people realize that their furnaces do need to be checked out regularly," Landrum said.

Landrum says this is the coldest weather that he has ever had to work in. Luckily, he only had to work on interior units on Monday.

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