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Weather causes some Evansville flights to stay on the ground

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The Evansville Regional Airport is also feeling the chill from the winter blast. Flight delays and cancellations have changed some travel plans. 

With Chicago being hit hard by the winter weather, it's causing some flights to stay on the ground.

It's a word airline travelers dread, but sometimes there's just no avoiding it. 

"Our first flight went out, but all of the remaining flights for the day are shut down to Chicago," said Dianna Page with Evansville Regional Airport.

It's not just Chicago. Passengers headed to Detroit and Atlanta have been faced with delays or cancellations, too.

"Some of the delays just in getting everything de-iced this morning were due to a situation here, but the cancellations are due to the conditions at other airports," Page said.

Some of those conditions that are keeping some flyers from their families.

"We both have two little kids at home and she's supposed to be at work tomorrow morning, so, not good," traveller Amanda Speake said.

"The airlines, there's nothing more that they would like to do than keep flights on time and going. However, safety is our number one priority, so we have to kind of just deal with what Mother Nature deals us," Page said. 

For flight information, you can check the airport's website, but they're actually recommending that you go directly through the airline that you're traveling with, either American or Delta and get the latest from them.  

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