Drivers warned to stay off roads

Dangerous driving conditions across the Tri-State Sunday night.

Road crews were out trying to remove snow and ice, but it could take some time before all of the roads are treated.

As soon as the snow started to fall, road crews headed out to plow and put the salt down.

Workers had pre-treated the roadways Friday, but Sunday's rain washed most of that away.

"It becomes less effective than what we would normally see," said Patrick Seib, Vanderburgh County Highway Superintendent.

Seib says the cold temperatures are making things harder for the trucks because it means more ice, and that leads to more cautious plowing.

"Normally under driving conditions when they're plowing just snow, you're talking maybe 25-30 miles an hour, but definitely with this ice, they're gonna be going a lot slower than that.

The plows cover ten county routes.

They start with the main roads first, and then work their way to side streets.

"Give us as much patience as you can. We'll get out there eventually," said Seib.

Local officials say, when temperatures get this low, dangerous roadways can be unavoidable.

"It is difficult, if not impossible, for that salt to dissolve all the ice.  So I have a feeling over the next couple of days our roadways are gonna have many scattered slick spots," said Sgt. Todd Ringle with Indiana State Police.

That's why authorities are saying stay home, don't travel unless it's absolutely necessary.

"The main tip for driving on ice is don't.  Ice, you know, ice is our number one enemy.  We're very limited on what we can do to combat ice," said Ringle.

"I would definitely say unless you have to be out, I'd stay off the roads," said Seib.

And if you do have to drive, be prepared.

Have extra layers of clothing, a fully charged phone, and a full tank of gas.

If you get stranded, stay inside your car, and try to stay warm. 

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