Make sure to clear snow from hydrants

The Indiana State Fire Marshal is asking people to clear snow from fire hydrants as part of the snow removal for their properties.

"As you're clearing your driveway and sidewalks, it's always appreciated when fire hydrants are kept clear of snow," said Jim Greeson, Indiana State Fire Marshal. "It saves a lot of time when it comes to locating and using a fire hydrant in time of a fire."

Greeson says accumulated snow, or the results of plowing and snow clearing, can completely cover or restrict access to fire hydrants.

"A blocked hydrant can mean slower response to extinguishing fires and only takes a few minutes," said Greeson. "Help your neighbors and your local firefighters. A fire hydrant blocked or covered by snow can result in time lost fighting fire and dire consequences to a homeowner or business owner."

Some fire hydrant snow removal tips:

• Adopt a fire hydrant to keep an eye on.
• Make it a regular part of a snow clearing routing.
• Clear a path to fire hydrants from the road.
• Remove snow from all sides so it is visible from the road, and easily accessible for a fire hose.

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