Back to class at McLean County High School

Courtesy: John Hardin
Courtesy: John Hardin

MCLEAN CO., KY (WFIE) - Thursday night's basketball game was canceled in McLean County, but it was the first day back to class - after high winds damaged the roof of the high school earlier this month.

Rain came in and ruined the gym floor.

Clean up crews are still inside the school, with over half of the gym floor ripped up, but things are beginning to get back to normal as students were able to return to school.

They tried to save as much of the $100,000 gym floor but had to toss the rest.

"They will get the permanent roof in place before they ever think about putting the new gym floor down.  Probably looking at early spring before they complete or even start the permanent gym roof.  And once they get a permanent gym roof on, we'll do the gym floor, so it may be as late as this summer before the gym floor is complete," said Rollie Troutman, Principal of McLean County High School.

Crews estimate 50-100 gallons of water fell on the floor.

School officials canceled what would have been their first basketball game of the season at an alternate location due to Thursday's weather.

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