27 new charges against Ohio County man

More than a year after the accident that claimed the lives of his daughter and her boyfriend, the Ohio County Sheriff's Office is announcing 27 additional charges against Tony Berkley.

Berkely is accused of the November 2012 murders of Mellissa Jane Berkley and her boyfriend, Jerry Goodman, Jr.

Authorities say a Berkley chased his daughter and Goodman on Ohio County Road.  Goodman's vehicle landed in a pond.  It was later learned both Berkley and Goodman drowned.

Cell phone and computer evidence then led to a new indictment in June 2013 against Berkley and his wife for having sexual relations with their daughter.

Today, the Ohio County Sheriff announced 27 new charges against Tony Berkley including 1st degree rape, 1st degree sodomy, incest, 10 counts of unlawful transaction with a minor in the first degree (illegal sex act), and 11 counts of 1st degree sexual abuse.

The total number of charges against Berkley now stands at 38.  He remains behind bars.

His wife was released on bail in June.

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