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Evansville family gets Christmas surprise after Grinch steals their presents

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The Urbain family got quite a Christmas surprise from viewers who saw their story that aired on 14 News Sunday. The Urbain family got quite a Christmas surprise from viewers who saw their story that aired on 14 News Sunday.

A Tri-State family got the Christmas miracle they had been hoping for on Tuesday night. 

Sunday, 14 News shared with you the story of the Urbain's, an Evansville family who learned $6,000 worth of tools and their kids gifts had been stolen out of their garage just three days before Christmas.

The family told us they couldn't afford to replace the gifts. That's when some of our viewers gave them a Christmas Eve surprise.

14 News stopped by their home on the 700 block of North Kerth Avenue and gave them the gifts that many had donated since the story aired on Sunday night. 

"Good always, always wins and it has this time for sure," Jeanette Urbain said.

It was Christmas surprise they never saw coming. Gift cards, toys, cash and checks all delivered to their home by strangers wanting to help out.

"People to come by and actually give you stuff is really overwhelming," Jack Urbain said. 

"I felt really happy cause that's really nice to do that," JJ, Jack and Jeanette's son, told 14 News.

Just a few days ago, the Urbain household was full of somber faces and tears.

"I wouldn't believe someone would do that to a kid," JJ said.

"You not only stole my kid's Christmas, you stole my husband's life. Those tools are his life," Jeanette said. 

After a real life Grinch broke into their locked garage, taking thousands of dollars worth of tools and their kids' Christmas presents. 

"I mean it's just material. I know, but to kids, it's everything," Jeanette said.

Jack and Jeanette were left with few options. They'd saved up for months to buy gifts. With only a few days to go before Christmas, they had no choice but to tell the kids. 

"That's just really mean to do," JJ said.

But minutes after the Urbain's story aired on our newscast, people from across the Tri-State, some minutes away, others hours, said they wanted to help. Some went right to Jeanette and Jack's home dropping off toys and money. 

"It makes me feel really good that they've been doing that for us," JJ shared.

"I've not really got to meet any of them, but I do very much appreciate it. I don't know what else to say, but thank you," Jack said.

Others brought donations to the station. That's why 14 News made a special Christmas Eve delivery in the hopes of bringing life back to a home where so much had been taken. 

"There's no way our kids could've had smiles on their face come tomorrow morning. But thanks to you, the community and our friends, they're going to have smiles," Jeanette said.

The couple says what they've gone through has taught them so much about the true meaning of Christmas- the season of giving. 

"I feel the love now, I really do. More good people than bad people," Jeanette said.

As for the kids? They say it'll be the best Christmas yet. 

"They're very nice and the stuff they gave us will probably be very fun and good," JJ said.

It's a day the Urbain family says they'll never forget.

"I just thank everybody from the bottom of their hearts because it means so much," Jeanette said.

Jack and Jeanette say the kids will be opening their presents Christmas Day and it's safe to say they've never been more excited.

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