Many Evansville Federal Credit Union members affected by Target hack

Target is now working with the Secret Service and the Justice Department to get to the bottom of a major hacking event affecting millions of customers.

Among those potential victims are hundreds of members of the Evansville Federal Credit Union. The credit union says between around 600 members of theirs were affected by the Target card hack.

They tell 14 News that they've sent letters out to those members, letting them know they can still use their cards, but only as a debit based transaction. They advise their customers not to use it as a credit transaction.

The credit union says, by doing this, it allows them to use the card through the holiday. Taunya King, with the credit union, says looking at your account can help keep your money safe.

"If you're using a debit card or credit card, check your statement to make sure everything is on there you are aware of. If there's something that looks like you didn't do it or possibly fraud, just get with your credit union and make sure it's legitimate," King said.

King says they will be closing the affected cards in a few weeks. Those customers will be getting a new card.

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