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High water rescue in Warrick County

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High water in Warrick County is causing problems for homeowners and drivers, and authorities are asking people to be cautious.
Near the crossroads of Stevenson Station Road, water is running across the road and there's lots of it in the fields on either side. Up the road, there are homes that are actually partially underwater. 


People living in the area say that when it rains, this is just something they expect. 

But the high water isn't only affecting homes. Earlier Tuesday, authorities had to rescue three vehicles out of flood waters on Telephone Road near Bell Road. One person was taken to Deaconess Gateway with unknown injuries. 

A woman living in one of the Chandler homes that's surrounded by water says they know what to do when floods happen. Her family moves their cars to the other side of the road and they take a boat to and from the cars. 

Warrick sheriff's deputies are asking people tonight to pay attention to high water signs. They say it's important people do not disregard the warnings because it can lead to situations like the one that happened Tuesday morning.

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