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Police see rise in home break-ins during holidays

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Evansville police are asking people to be cautious and aware because home break-in cases tend to rise this time of year.

Evansville Lt. Dan Deyoung says there is almost always a spike in home burglaries around the holidays.

On Sunday, 14 News shared the story of the Urbain family. They learned their kids' Christmas gifts had been stolen right out of their garage. 

Deyoung says criminals know this is a big time for travel and for new merchandise. They often take advantage of that by targeting homes that appear dark or unoccupied. 

Police say it's important people are cautious about what they put on social media, and Deyoung says get to know your neighbors because most of the time the people behind these crimes are serial criminals. 

"Well, it's particularly sad, but I've been the victim of a burglary before and you feel quite violated that your personal space, your home, has been invaded by people you don't know and you didn't invite in. One of the best things is to get to know your neighbors, and you need to look out for each other in the neighborhood. Know who belongs in the neighborhood, know who doesn't belong in the neighborhood, and work from there," Deyoung said.

The best thing to do, according to police, is be aware of who is around you. 

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