Congressman Buchson reacts to budget deal

Indiana Congressman Larry Bucshon is on his Rural Town and Retail Tour of the 8th District, and among the issues on the minds of voters- the Bi-Partisan budget proposal that's now on its way to the president. 

The proposal has now passed in both the House and the Senate, and President Barack Obama says he will approve it. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are totally satisfied with the plan, but they all say it will work for now.

The plan calls for an ease on spending caps, while softening the impact sequestration cuts will have on both defense and non-defense programs. Congressman Bucshon says the agreement includes a long-term $20 billion deficit reduction with zero tax increases.
While Bucshon says the deal isn't perfect, he says it is a step in the right direction.

"This adds back some spending cuts that were in the sequester to the Department of Defense, which will make a big difference for Crane. So, I supported that," Bucshon said. "It also cuts over $20 billion from the budget over the next ten years. You know, get us out of this cycle of government shutdown threats. Honestly, just moves the country forward."

The deal reached on Wednesday will remain in effect until 2015.

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