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Tri-Staters feeling lucky with Mega Millions jackpot

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Tuesday night is the night many people across the Tri-State have been waiting for- the Mega Millions drawing. 

Right now, the jackpot is at $636 million, just $20 million short of the U.S. record. 

People who are feeling lucky can buy their Mega Millions ticket at quite a few local locations, including at the Fastbreak on East Morgan Avenue.

Employees at some of the lottery vendors tell 14 News that they've been consistently selling tickets all day long and expect to see even more people coming in as the night goes on. 

The chance of winning is only about one in 259 million, but those odds don't seem to be deterring people. 

Some customers say they've already planned out what they would do with the money. 

"Well, actually had a dream last night that my son won it, so I decided to come in and get one myself because he said he wasn't buying one. I'd spread the wealth around friends, family, and different charities," Randy Lowe said.

"It's one of the largest jackpots ever, so why not take a chance. If I won the Mega Millions, I've got a niece going through cancer right now and I'd donate a lot of it to Riley. You can never spend that much money anyhow so why not help out others," 

The Mega Millions drawing will be at 10 p.m. CT or 11 p.m. ET, so if you want to grab a ticket and haven't yet, you still have time. 

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