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KY residents react to proposal for stricter DUI law

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A Kentucky lawmaker wants to lower the state's blood alcohol limit from .08 to .05, and the proposal has a lot of people talking.

If Representative Hubert Collins gets his wish, there will be stricter regulations on drunk drivers in Kentucky. 

Some drivers that 14 News spoke with on Sunday say they agree with Collins and hope to see his idea become law. 

The new push for a lower blood-alcohol limit comes after the National Transportation Safety Board recommended states lower their legal limit to .05. 

Kentucky residents say they think this is a move in the right direction, and some even say they think drivers shouldn't be allowed to have any alcohol in their system.  

"I think it's great. I think there should be. I think if you have any alcohol in your system, you should get arrested for it," said Megan Saddler, a Kentucky driver. "It would get the people who have been drinking off the road even faster."

"Yeah, there are some people who will have one drink and they can't drive right. There's a lot of people that can drink a lot and still be able to drive, but it depends on people," said Melissa Egan, a Kentucky resident.

The next session of the General Assembly starts in January. 

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