USI faculty senate votes to oppose amendment banning gay marriage in Indiana

On Friday, the University of Southern Indiana's faculty senate voted to oppose Indiana's proposed amendment banning gay marriage.

A lot of people made a trip to USI to see the faculty senates decision on the proposed amendment to Indiana's constitution that would ban any and all protections for same sex couples and their families.

Before the vote, students staged a 'stand in' against bill HJR-6.

Alex Kessler, who is a senior at USI, said he is excited that the University voted to oppose the proposed amendment. He thinks they're on the right side of history.

"It's not political," said Kessler. "They were saying that somebody is going to get hurt, but the only way somebody would get hurt is if they didn't opposed this because it is not affecting the people that are for it."

Three of the faculty senate members voted not to take a stance on the matter.

The other two voted to abstained.

14 News tried reaching out to those members, but they declined to comment.

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