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Officials share importance of clearly marked addresses

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It's a simple request, but first responders say some Hopkins County residents and businesses are ignoring it and that's slowing them down in any emergency. 

"It creates unnecessary delay if we can't find the address in a timely manner," said Steve Stoltz, the Madisonville Fire Assistant Chief.

When fire departments and police officers are responding to a scene, the last thing that should waste precious time is addresses that aren't visible on residential streets.

First responders in Hopkins County say there are ordinances regarding addresses being posted, but many choose to not follow it.

"We always suggest that people post their addresses in a conspicuous location on the front usually near the entrance," Stoltz said.

Officials say they have noticed many businesses and homes on South Main Street do not have addresses labeled, but the problem is county wide. Officials say this increases response time because many calls don't have visible signs of distress from the street.

"You know a lot of times were familiar with general areas, but if we could visibly locate that address the quicker the better," Madisonville Police Chief, Wade Williams.

If homes or businesses are found to not be adhering to the public safety ordinances, officials say they can be fined up to $100 a day for the offense.

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