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Plans for old Jasper Country Club property taking shape

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Plans for the old Jasper Country Club property are taking shape in the form of a public park. 

Development companies, City Visions and Gamble and Associates, have submitted their proposal for what they believe the old country club land should look like after it's turned into a park.

Now, you can see those plans for yourself online.

Mayor Terry Seitz says the plans include combining two of the property's three existing ponds, into one signature pond, building a water bridge to combine trails, and possibly building a multi-purpose structure.

It still isn't clear if the Jasper School Corporation plans to buy some of the property for its purposes.

Mayor Seitz says it's possible the area could only receive minor alterations.

"The critical part that we wanted to use City Visions for was is it going to be more of a park of an active setting or passive setting? Whether it opens up in a very natural state and simply used the cart paths as they currently exist and we do some light mowing as we ease into this, as budgets permit, as we look at maybe envisioning even more things. I think that's likely," Seitz said.

Seitz says he'd like to open this space as a public park some time next year.

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