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Road crews still working hard to help drivers

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With ice and snow covering the Tri-State for the past several days, emergency crews have been working hard to help drivers. 

Students got lucky with two snow days this week, but it looks like the sun on Tuesday has helped melt icy side roads, making it possible for school buses to safely get kids to school on Wednesday. 

Over the past five days crews have worked around the clock to clear snow from main roads and highways, and emergency crews have been right alongside, helping stranded drivers and clearing accident scenes so the roads aren't closed for very long.

Officials say what made their job so difficult was the fact that the ice came before the snow. Crews can plow the snow, but it takes a significant amount of salt to melt the layer of ice underneath. That's what gave drivers so many problems. 

"I think the most common misconception is four wheel drive and even with some of the smaller vehicles that have all wheel drive full time now. People overestimate the vehicle's ability under certain conditions. Four wheel drive has never meant four wheel stop. If your on ice, even our humvees, if they're on ice, they're not effective," said Sgt. Jason Cullum with the Evansville Police Department. 

Since the winter weather hit on Friday morning, Evansville police have responded to more than 80 vehicle accidents involving property damage and about 80 hazard accidents, which include minor slide-offs and issues where drivers may have gotten stuck in the slush.

In the county, Vanderburgh County Sheriff's deputies responded to just 33 property damage accidents, but deputies were called to about 140 hazard accidents and accidents where drivers needed assistance. The county reports four injury accidents, none serious.

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