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Old Tell City ice skating rink collapses due to winter weather

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A Tell City building that used to house a skating rink collapsed over the weekend and the owner is trying to salvage what he can from the debris.

The old skating rink has been closed down for decades and has mostly been used for storage over the past 15 years. 

Chip Schulthise, the owner of the building, says he used the building to store items he intended to add onto his home.

Tell City Building Commissioner Bob Young says the building was on a list of structures that the town was eyeing for repair or demolition. Now, the snow and ice has made that decision much easier.

"If anybody is thinking of going in and looting, please stay away. I don't want anybody getting hurt. Because, as you can tell, if you look at it there, there's some things there holding it up that I don't know how long they're going to keep holding that up. If somebody tries to get in there, that could come down on them," Schulthise said.

Schulthise is currently working on a plan to somehow get his things out of the building. He says he will have this area cleared out, as soon as possible. 

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