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Winter storm frustrates travelers at Atlanta's airport


A powerful winter storm that blew across the country over the weekend made a mess of the Northeast, Midwest and South Central states.

The storm kept travelers from getting in and out of the region by land and by air.

At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the word "canceled" was fairly common all day Sunday on the departures board.  People flying to places like  New York, Baltimore and Chicago were back at the ticket counters trying to get on the next flight possible. 

Mark Lembke and his family were in Atlanta for the SEC Championship game. Their multiple connections back to Rapid City, SD were canceled, and the Lembke kids will have to miss school Monday. 

"We've got to go back to where we were staying originally tonight. So, it's kind of a mess up.  And who's paying for it? Me," said Lembke.

Charles Mathison and his family were still in formal suits after going to a funeral. They went straight to the airport expecting to hop back on a plane to New York. 

"We're getting a hotel. We're going to chip in and get a room and come back tomorrow morning," Mathison explained as he described their frustration.

Still other fliers, equally frustrated, tried to have a positive outlook.  

"There's worse things that can happen.  And frankly, if they cancel a flight because of weather it's probably the best reason. And it's not worth stressing over," said Rob Carroll, will now have to spend another 24 hours in Atlanta before the next flight to Washington, D.C.

Snow blanketed cities across the country with dangerous, icy roads and poor visibility causing major accidents on roadways.

It even made for some messy, although interesting, football games.

Airlines advise you check your flight status with them before going to the airport. The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport also updates arriving and departing flights in real-time on its website.

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