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Corydon residents moving forward after November's powerful tornado

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Resident are moving forward in Corydon after last month's powerful tornado. The community gathered at a town hall meeting on Tuesday night to decide their next move. 

The Red Cross says it has taken care of most of the needs of the residents, including food and shelter, but for some of those impacted by the storm, recovery is still a long way off. 

"Who knows, it could have came over and swooped us up off the ground," Atoy Blanford said.

Blanford and her family just moved to Corydon in October. Only a month later, an EF3 tornado hit right near her home. 

"To me it wasn't bad. It didn't rock our trailer. It didn't rattle our windows or nothing," Blanford said.

It was when she stepped outside that she saw the destruction. 

"After I seen what it did, when I went outside, I don't want to go through it again," Blanford shared. 

Blanford says her family was lucky. At their place, limbs were scattered, an awning had blown off, and a yard bench was demolished. But for those around her, things were much worse. 

"It was demolished. I mean the bay window, the french doors in the bedroom, the ceiling was away from the walls, and they said it knocked it off the foundation," Blanford said. 

That's why Blanford says she went to Tuesday's town hall meeting, to reach out and help her neighbors.

"I'm glad that the community has come together like this, to get people, their lives back together," she told 14 News. 

City officials say most of the serious damage has been taken care of, but there is still more that needs to be done. 

"We're just looking forward to putting this behind us and getting it cleaned up. Hopefully, we will not have any more disasters coming our way," said Mayor Philip Brewster. 

Local officials decided they'll be organizing volunteer groups who will go out and help those still  in need.

If you would like to sign up to volunteer and help people in Corydon, you can contact Gloria Mills, the Corydon City Clerk.

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