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New Kentucky bill could lower limit on BAC levels

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Kentucky drivers may soon have to pay closer attention to the number of drinks they've had before getting behind the wheel if a Kentucky bill becomes law.

An eastern Kentucky lawmaker announced plans for a bill that would lower the legal blood alcohol content level from .08 to .05.

Kentucky State Representative Hubert Collins says the goal is to make roads safer and suggests it doesn't take much alcohol to impair some drivers. 

Owensboro police agree that people can still be "impaired" and be under the current legal blood alcohol limit.

"For instance,  when a traffic stop is initiated, we're looking to see whether that vehicle has left the lane of travel and is unsafe on the roads so it's not based on what that legal limit is necessarily," said Officer Michael Hathaway.

The bill will be filed the first day of session in January and assigned to a committee. 

One concern brought up by sheriff's officials in Ohio County is drivers under the influence of drugs. They say that dropping the BAC level does nothing to help keep the roads safer from people high on drugs.

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