Fake diplomat gets 2 years of probation in N. Indiana.

A South Bend man who told police he was a diplomat from the made-up Republic of Mu'ur has been sentenced to two years probation.

77-year-old Melvin Hillman was stopped by South Bend police in October 2011 because Officer Jamil Elwaer thought the license plate looked fake. Elwaer said Hillman produced a card that purported to be issued by the "International Murrican Gansal" and identified him as "Habib Jimamanu Bey."

Court documents say Hillman told the officer he was a United Nations-sanctioned diplomat from the Republic of Mu'ur. He was convicted in August of impersonating a foreign diplomat, wrongfully using a government seal and receipt of a counterfeit government seal.

U.S. District Judge Jon DeGuillo sentenced Hillman Thursday.