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USI set to vote on proposed gay marriage ban

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Several universities have announced it's stance on a proposed state-wide ban on same sex marriage. USI may soon announce their stand next.

Alex Kessler is a senior at USI as well as a board member for the Tri-State Alliance, a group that serves gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender populations in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.

Alex said it is time his university jumps on board and opposes the proposed same sex marriage ban.

In about two weeks, USI's 16 person faculty senate will take a vote that will decide whether they will take a stand on Indiana's proposed amendment that bans gay marriage.

USI's faculty senate is one of the few at public universities across the state that's been silent about the amendment.

Staff at Indiana University, Purdue, Ball State, Butler, and Depauw have all gone on record saying they oppose the ban.

Alex said he thinks and hopes USI will soon be joining that list.

He said TSA has been working on their own time by sending letters to lawmakers asking them to reject the ban.

While Alex says he believes every voice matters, he also believes universities have a big impact and says it is important they show support for all of their students.

USI currently offers full benefits to university employees with same sex partners.

The USI faculty senate will officially take a vote on December 6 to decide whether they plan to publicly oppose the ban.

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