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Cat shot in the face earns the name Trooper

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A stray cat began the recovery process in Princeton on Friday after being shot in the face.

The feline has earned the name Trooper and is now gaining weight after those injuries left the animal unable to eat.

Cookie Edwards saw Trooper for the first time in late October when she was on her way to an appointment. She says she thought something was wrong.

A call the next day from her neighbors confirmed her fears.

"She said, 'Cookie, there is a cat laying out here in the street and I think he's going to die,'" said Cookie. "I said, 'Well, bring him down.'"

Cookie took him to see Dr. Sarah Stewart. 

"Somebody had shot him and I guess they tried to kill him, but they were not successful," said Dr. Stewart.

Cookie says he will live inspired by his name.

"I named him Trooper because I saw a fight in him when I first saw him even though he was looking so bad," said Cookie. 

Dr. Stewart says Trooper still has to have another operation but she says she he is doing well.

"His personality has really come out because he is feeling so much better, so I am really happy with his progress," said Dr. Stewart.

The next step for Cookie is finding Trooper a new home.

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