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Manhunt underway for Evansville shooting suspects

An Evansville man was taken to the hospital after a shooting on the city's east side.

The shooting took place just after 7:00 p.m. in an apartment in the 3500 block of Taylor Avenue.

Police say the victim, 53-year-old Robert Hill, heard a knock at his door, opened it and was confronted by two men wearing hoodies. Officers say those two men, between the ages 18 and 22, attacked Hill inside his home. At one point, one of the suspects pulled out a gun and began shooting Hill several times.

Police say Hill was on the phone with his daughter in Mississippi when the suspects knocked on the door. His family members tell 14 News that she was extremely upset to be listening to her father being attacked, feeling helpless on the other end of the line.

Hill was conscious and alert when taken to Deaconess Hospital with serious injuries. Police say he is in critical condition.

"He was shot several times in the upper body. Maybe in the, I believe it was in the back area, in the hand possibly. One round may have grazed his head," said Lt. Monty Guenin with Evansville Police Department.

So far, police do not have a motive. Police are still searching the area for those two suspects, who possibly took off on a scooter. It's reported they have on dark clothes and a gray hoodie.

Officers say Hill was the victim of a shooting in the same neighborhood earlier this year. The suspect in that shooting, Jermaine Felton, is currently in jail and awaiting trial.

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