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Evansville files lawsuit over Ford Center construction

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The City of Evansville has filed a lawsuit against a Kansas City company in hopes of collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars.

14 News is told that company owes the city money that dates back to the construction of the Ford Center in downtown Evansville. That construction took place over two years ago.

City Attorney Ted Ziemer told members of the city council that his office is taking legal action to collect over $300,000. Money, they say, was actually over-paid to a Kansas City steel company that had a contract to work on the Ford Center project.
The city has been trying to get that money back, but they say the company isn't responding to their demands. So, they filed a lawsuit in federal court that involves three counts.
City officials say they hope the company will finally respond when slapped with a court order.

"They get a summons and say we better settle this up. We don't want to pay trouble damages, for example. We don't want to have to pay attorney fees," Ziemer said. "On the other hand, we don't know why they didn't answer the demand letters, so they may want to go to the mat on this. They've got up to, they can make it up to almost 90 days before they have to respond."

City officials say this was not the only over-payment made during the construction process, but it is the only one that hasn't been resolved.

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