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Huntingburg bus driver accused of grabbing student on bus

A Huntingburg school bus driver is under investigation for possible assault after police say he's seen on tape grabbing a student. 

14 News was not allowed to record it, but we did get to see the surveillance video of the incident. The video showed the bus driver grabbing one of the students by his head, but it's not clear whether or not he'll actually be charged with a crime. 

Police say the incident happened last Wednesday after school.

"Based on the video evidence from the school bus, the driver did make contact with one of the juveniles. The bus driver has admitted to that. But at this point, I need to speak with that juvenile's parents further to see if they are going to request that charges be filed," said Ronnie Bowman with Huntingburg Police.

The school says they immediately suspended the bus driver following the complaint, and he remains suspended while the school conducts its own investigation.

"He realizes that he did some things wrong. He's had long years of driving with us here at Southwest Dubois, and has always done a good job. He is agreeable and fine with what we're doing right now, as far as suspending him," said Mike Eineman, the Superintendent of Southwest Dubois County.

Police say the driver admits to forcefully touching one of the students on the bus. Police say he did so to keep that student from picking on another student.

"With your actions, what you do, I'm sure everyone feels it's justifiable. But I think after he thinks about it, he probably should have thought twice before he did anything," Eineman said.

Police don't believe the parents involved will look to press charges, but police say they're handing the findings of their investigation over to the county prosecutor. It will be up to the prosecutor, whether or not to charge the bus driver. 

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