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Sixth graders give feedback on new learning tool

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Technology is everywhere in classrooms today, and some Evansville sixth graders used it to find a new way to learn. 

One class chose to do it with interactive videos from a website called

Instead of typing up a bunch of information in a paper, for example, they picked a video and used the site to create tags. Those tags look like little bubbles and take the viewer to additional information. 

Teacher Lorie Mansker says one of the school corporation's e-learning coaches shared the website with her and she decided to give it a chance and try it out. 

Mansker says her kids loved it and used a lot of teamwork while figuring it out.

"I think it was really cool because she really cares about our education to make sure that we succeed in life. I thought it was cool that she was giving her effort to insert something new that helped us learn," said McCoy Walters, a Vogel sixth grader. 

But their lesson didn't end there. They got impressive bragging rights from Mad Video's Chief Operating Officer Riley Maguire, who chatted with the kids from California.

"Feel like you're the most important customer we have right now. Your idea is going to help us improve and move things forward," Maguire told the kids.

He says these students are the first they've worked with in grades K-12, making their input extremely valuable.

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