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Celebrating 105 years!

Meet Elizabeth "Kitty" Baskett.  Today is her 105th birthday.

Kitty lives at the River Pointe Health Campus in Evansville.

They had planned to release 105 balloons in honor of Kitty's birthday, but the machine that was filling the balloons with helium couldn't keep up and it broke!

Still there was cake, and a brass band accompanied residents as they sang Happy Birthday.

Kitty has one son, two grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

She worked at a law office and then at Welborn Hospital for more than 20 years.

Kitty says that things have changed so much that it's like living in a different world

Longevity runs in Kitty's family.  Her mother lived to be 102 and her sister is in her 90's.  Her secret to a long life?  Keep walking and breathing.






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