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Local woman begins using artificial pancreas

A local woman began using a new diabetic device that acts as an artificial pancreas.

Fran Lewis has had type one diabetes for 13 years and still struggles to keep her blood sugar from dropping to dangerously low levels.

She admits she can't always tell when her blood sugar is low, but with the new insulin pump, mini-Med 530g, she will have some added assistance.

The pump will automatically stop delivering insulin to her if it senses her blood sugar is too low.

"This is a sense of protection for people that have trouble with low blood sugars," said Mandy Stevens, RN, CDE, CPT. "This device changes their lives because they don't have to be scared anymore of low blood sugars."

The feature is called Threshold Suspend Automation and will take effect if the patient does not react to the alarm.

Stevens said the device is the best and most modern way to manage diabetes.

If you would like to learn more about it, call Deaconess Diabetes Center at 812-426-9894.

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