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KY businessman afraid insurance will raise with Obamacare

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President Obama continues damage control after a rough start to the new healthcare law.

Late Thursday morning, the president announced a change that lowers the Obamacare standards for individual policies for one year.

It is a move meant to help people who are losing their health insurance.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell shared James Dotson's story from the senate floor on Thursday as well as his concerns on the Affordable Care Act.

Dotson lives in Owensboro, but is a small business owner in Muhlenberg County.

He contacted McConnell through email after receiving a letter telling him his current healthcare provider would end on December 1.

Dotson received a packet of information of KYNECT, Kentucky's Health Care plan under the Affordable Care Act, but says he had problems looking at it.

"I tried to log on, I was able to create a username and password and that's as far as I could get," said Dotson.

He spoke to a friend, who told him he's paying almost double per month under the new law. Doston's scared the same thing could happen to him.

"I'm nervous because of the fear of the unknown," said Dotson.

He says he currently pays $676 per month under his current plan, but fears after December 1, he'll be paying more.

Some people may be able to keep their individual insurance plans for one more year with a fix offered by President Obama.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says Kentucky will comply with the president's request to allow Kentucky's insurers the option of deciding whether or not to extend existing health insurance policies.

Beshear says this will be a business decision for each insurer to make.

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