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Jasper police seeking information on hit and run accident

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Jasper police have reopened an investigation into a reported hit and run accident. Officers say they need your help in figuring out what happened. 

They say the accident happened just outside of Jasper Middle School. They're not saying the investigation will end with someone being charged with a crime, but they do need to know exactly what happened.

Police say they received a call that someone had been hit by a car at the intersection of 36th and St. Charles. When they got there, officers say school officials told them a female student had simply fallen down in the roadway and was never hit by a car.

The girl was later taken home by her parents. Since then, police say they've heard conflicting reports of what actually happened.

"We were notified yesterday that the girl had sustained a leg injury in the incident. There's numerous stories flying around. Was she hit? Was she not hit? So, that's just what we're trying to clarify," said Aaron with Persohn with Jasper police.

Jasper police are asking that anyone with information regarding the accident contact them so they can clear up what happened.

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