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Future in doubt for home of the guberburger


The future is in doubt for a Sedalia, MO, restaurant with a unique offering.

Lunch hour in Sedalia might not ever be the same because the Wheel Inn Drive-In is closed, at least for now.

"I'd like to see it go on. It's been in Sedalia since 1947," Don Clark said.

Clark and his wife Judy have owned the Wheel Inn since 2007, but they're not sure if they'll ever turn on the lights again.

"About any place you go, someone will say ‘that's where they have the guberburger,' if you say you're from Sedalia,'" he said.

Judy Clark had a stroke in late September. She's slowly recovering, but doctors said the stress of running a restaurant would be too much.

"It'll probably be several months before she gains everything back, but I'm sure she will. She's a fighter," Don Clark said.

For regulars like Dennis Steele, who works just down the road, it's tough news to hear.

"Fast food, things are fast paced. Nobody wants to take the time to sit down and eat lunch anymore. Sometimes they can't. If a person sits down and takes 30 minutes out for dinner, it makes your afternoon go a whole lot better rather than eating on the fly all the time," he said.

Steele stops by at least once a week. He doesn't always get the guberburger, but knows it's a central Missouri icon. For those who haven't tried the sandwich, it's a thin patty of lean hamburger meat topped with hot, creamy peanut butter, lettuce, tomato and Miracle Whip.

"Outside of the Wheel Inn, have you ever eaten peanut butter on a burger?" said KCTV5's Justin Schmidt.

"No, never. It's something you only do there," Steele said.

As the for sale sign swings out front, Don Clark hopes the restaurant will sell to someone who will keep the guberburger tradition going.

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