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Dogs surrendered from puppy mill, Boonville Shelter double capacity

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Nearly a dozen dogs are surrendered to animal control, pushing Boonville Shelter to the absolute limit.

There are a total of 14 kennels there, and now they are double their capacity.

The 10 small dogs were surrendered to animal control by a puppy mill.

Officials say puppy mills aren't illegal, but they can leave animals in bad shape.

There are Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Dachshunds. Officials say they are all pure breads and most are in good health.

They will cost about $250 to adopt because of shots and dental work, but local shelters are willing to work with people.

Officials also impounded five puppies on a neglect case who are being treated for ringworm, but could be ready to adopt in a few days if the owners don't reclaim them.

Officials say with a visit to the vet, and a lot of love, they can be great family pets.

"We have a lot of great dogs," said Danielle Park. "A lot of them are great with kids, some of them aren't so great with other dogs but we can work on that. A lot of the animals we get are not spayed and neutered at this time, so they have a lot of hormones raging. They're not here because there's a problem with them, they're here because there's a problem with their owner."

If you would like to adopt a dog, head to the Warrick County Animal Control's Facebook page.

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