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Judge sentenced Mayhugh 60 years

In September, a jury found an Evansville man guilty of burglary, theft, and armed robbery in the 2012 death of Keith Vaughn.

On Thursday, Hubert Mayhugh III was sentenced to 60 years.

During his trial, prosecutors alleged that Hubert, his cousin James Mayhugh, and Vaughn's estranged wife, Megan Mecum, conspired to rob Vaughn.

Police say Hubert admitted to a family member he 'poked' Vaughn in the neck after Vaughn attempted to stab James during a confrontation inside Vaughn's home during the attempted robbery.

The coroner said Vaughn bled to death.

James Mayhugh plead guilty to murder, armed robbery, burglary and theft, withdrawing his previous not guilty plea. His sentencing is set for December 30.

Mecum is also charged in the case. Her trial is set to begin on November 18.

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