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Boonville remembers their most loyal supporter

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Family says Bruner died over the weekend of heart complications. Family says Bruner died over the weekend of heart complications.
Hundreds of people are honoring one of Boonville High School's best supporters. 

They gathered on Wednesday for the funeral of Pat Bruner, a man who everyone in Boonville seemed to know. We're told he has been a fixture of Boonville High School Athletics for decades.

Now that he's gone, those in Boonville will miss his jokes, his stories, and his support.

"It is very difficult to explain Pat to someone that does not know him. To say he's unique is almost an understatement," said Ron Rogier, a former Boonville football coach. 

Rogier says Bruner attended just about every sporting event Boonville High School had to offer.

"He had a heart that was absolutely huge. He loved Boonville High School. He loved the athletes. He loved the coaches. They all loved him," Rogier said.

"He would always talk about John Wayne. That was one of his favorite people. He would always talk about movies, books, like anything you could imagine," said Justin Beard, a senior at Boonville High School. 

Bruner worked in the Boonville Athletics Department, dating back to when he was a student at the school. He was a student manager for the basketball team, and collected tickets for ball games.

"Even when he wasn't working, someone else was taking tickets or whatever, he would come watch the games, just to be around the kids," former Athletic Director Bernie Meyer said.

Meyer says Bruner loved to take pictures of the athletes and read the senior profiles on Senior Night. Meyer also says Bruner had a permanent seat in the Boonville Basketball Arena. A now empty space, in the heart of the Boonville family.

"We could tell Pat Bruner stories for day, but I think you'd need a little more air time," Rogier said.

Bruner's funeral was held Wednesday in Boonville and he was buried in Lynnville.

Athletic Director Kevin Davis says the school is planning to honor Bruner's memory in some way. We'll let you know when plans have been set.

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