Rain is Coming

14 First Alert

We're in for a rainy day in the Tri-State.  It's inching toward us slowly right now and is expected to rain most of the day.  The good news?  Temps will be in the 60s.  Join us on Sunrise for the latest track.

Remembering November 6th

Eight years ago today, the Tri-State was hit by a devastating tornado.  The National Weather Service is using the anniversary to raise awareness. Nicole is live at 5:30 and 6:30 with more on today's public forum.

Cloverleaf Announcement

A massive Evansville road construction project has finally taken shape.  We have new details about the Hwy 41/Lloyd Expressway cloverleaf coming up just after 6:30.

Free Adoptions

The Hopkins County Humane Society is offering free adoptions after an influx of animals.  Find out more around 5:37.