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Evansville Police Sgt. biking more than 1,000 miles for House of Hope

An Evansville police officer plans to bike more than 1,000 miles on his vacation days to raise awareness and money for a local non-profit. 

Sgt. Brian Talsma says some of his co-workers and friends are calling him crazy for what he's doing.

He tells 14 News that he's not a biker. He just started training in August. But in May, he will be going riding about from the riverfront in Evansville to Orlando, Florida. He says the journey will take him about a month.

House of Hope is a counseling and education program for 13 to 17 year old females. The Evansville office will soon have a house so they can start a residential program, and eventually, they hope to start a program for boys.

Which is why Sgt. Talsma says he's doing this.

"After praying about it and thinking about it, this was what came to me. This was the vision that came to me- a bicycle, which struck me as odd because I've not been on a bicycle since I got my driver's license. As time went on, it became very clear that was what was being given to me, what was being presented to me," Sgt. Talsma said.

For anyone interested in donating or learning more about House of Hope or Sgt. Talsma's ride, head to their website. 

They are also on Facebook here.

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