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Serious tips helping We Tip stop crime

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In just the past four months, the We Tip hotline has helped local law enforcement make several arrests. 

Officials say when the We Tip hotline opened in July, they were mostly just getting drug related tips, but now the tips have shifted a bit and are geared more toward serious crimes. 

For example, in early October, a tip led the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office to suspects that stole a John Deere Gator and four-wheeler from the Highland Baseball teams. Thanks to that tip, the equipment was recovered and the suspect, Stephen Vile, is still in jail.

After officials released the video of two suspects stealing a train horn last month, they received a tip identifying the men.

Most recently a tip helped police identify Antoine Russell and Edward Ivy, both wanted for the stabbing attack of Jerald Clark.

Officials say the tips are coming in and now it's time to fine tune them. 

"One of the things that I ask people to do is to give us as many specifics as possible. If you see a lot of traffic at a certain household, it would be nice to know what time of day that is because it takes a lot to investigate that. It takes a lot to sit somebody on a house, and if we know the time of day that the activity is occurring, we can narrow that down," prosecutor Nick Hermann told 14 News.

Hermann says people have been critical of the program's success because the tips are only one aspect. They also need the manpower to investigate, which he says is sometimes a challenge.

The We Tips come directly by email to the prosecutor's office and several detectives with the police department. The number is 800-78-CRIME.

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