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Evansville restaurants with violations

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The latest food inspection reports from the Vanderburgh Co. Health Department feature critical violations by several local restaurants. 

With violations

On The Green Restaurant at Helfrich Hills Golf Course; 1550 Mesker Park Dr.

1 non-critical violations

Tokyo Japan; 3000 N. Green River Rd.

3 critical violations- single use gloves cans only be used once, employees not washing hands properly or using hand sink, no sanitizing containers for wipe cloths

3 non-critical violations

Aihua International Market; 1624 N. Green River Rd.

2 critical violations- raw unpackaged animal food such as beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and fish cannot be offered for consumer self-service, dished not sanitized

3 non-critical violations

China Lu Market; 4604 Vogel Rd.

1 critical violation- raw unpackaged animal food such as beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and fish cannot be offered for consumer self-service

Vietnamese Cuisine; 4602 Vogel Rd.

1 critical violation- hand sink not accessible

2 non-critical violations

Price Less Foods; 4851 W. Pennsylvania St.

2 critical violations- five cans of out-dated infant formula, deli middle section of warmer product temperatures measured at 105F - 116F and not maintaining 135F. Reheating product in oven.

2 non-critical violations

Taste of China; 4579 University Dr.

2 non-critical violations

Pizza Pub Pizza; 1313 First Ave.

1 critical violation- using bare hands to make sandwiches after being cooked

China Express

1505 S. Governor St.

2 critical violation- not demonstrating knowledge with cross contamination issues with reusing food boxes for other food, storing raw packaged meat in reach in over vegetables.

3 non-critical violations

Jungle Restaurant; 415 Main St.

4 non-critical violations

Gator's Fish House; 1203 N. Main

1 critical violation- no certified food safety employee

Long John Silvers; 1015 S. Green River Rd.

1 critical violation- cutting board not washed rinsed and sanitized every four hours when in use

Papa Johns; 5436 E. Indiana

1 non-critical violation

Cork and Cleaver; 650 Hebron

2 non-critical violations

Charles Denby Post 2953; 1800 Pollack Ave.

1 critical violation- can opener soiled

1 non-critical violation

By The Slice; 2011 Lincoln Ave.

1 critical violation- storage containers soiled

2 non-critical violations

Sam's Pizzeria; 2011 Delaware St.

1 non-critical


No violations

St. Joe Catholic School; 6130 W. St. Joe Rd.

Cold Stone Creamery; 5435 Pearl Dr.

Harmes Una Pizza; 967 S. Kentucky Ave.

Bucks Tavern; 1015 N. Fulton Ave

Kona Ice of Evansville Commissary; 815 John St.

Kitchen Sink Pizza's of Evansville; 815 John St.

Dominos; 1940 N. Green River Rd.

Jimmy's Una Pizza; 4711 Pollack Ave.

Las Americas; 1320 N. Green River Rd.

I.H. Food Mart; 1526 Judson St.

Bosse High School; 1300 Washington

Lucky Lady; 523 N. Main

St. Pauls Lutheran Church; 106 E. Michigan 

Papa Murphy's; 779 S. Green River Rd.

TJ's Orchard; 4805 Orchard Rd.

Mater Dei High School; 1300 Harmony Way

Sports Den; 701 N. Weinbach

Fairlawn School; 2021 S. Alvord

Buffalo Wild Wings; 5405 Pearl Dr.

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