Council votes to cut pay for two top fire department officials

Evansville City Councilman Al Lindsey asked the council on Monday night to approve a salary cut for the two top fire officials in the city.

In Monday night's meeting, the council voted to make those cuts.

Police Chief Billy Bolin and Fire Chief Mike Connelly are both the top ranking officials in their respective departments. They both make $93,000 a year, but Councilman Al Lindsey is suggesting only the top two fire officials take a nearly $3,000 pay cut.

Lindsey explained this is about bringing equality and fairness to the paychecks of public safety officials, whether it be a police officer or a firefighter.

The police and fire departments negotiate their own contacts, and Lindsey says over the years there has been a growing gap between salaries for each department.

Lindsey says other than the two top officials, firefighter salaries are $2,800 less than police officers. He says if the average firefighter is making less than the average police officer, then the top fire officials should also be making less.

"I believe in it. I believe strongly in it, and I think all the firefighters, the ones I've talked to, certainly none of them are angry about it because they feel the same way. Right is right and equality is equality. I think we should all be treated the same," Lindsey said.

Lindsey is a firefighter himself at station seven. He says he has support from some co-workers, now he needs support of at least five council members.

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