Dog left to die, now keeps others alive

Dog, big and small, donned their best outfits Saturday for the Howl-O-Ween dog walk event at the entrance to the Oak Hill Cemetery.

Through the smiles and puppy kisses, owners know the true reason why they gathered.

Local dogs have been saved because of a special spirit still resonating after a horrific case of animal abuse took place at Oak Hill, over a decade ago.

"The whole top part of her body was basically skin," said Kristi Eggers, dog owner.

Thirteen years ago, abusers lit a puppy on fire, causing severe burns, and left her to die in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Where is that puppy now?  Seemingly coming back from the dead, meet Spirit.  She has some limitations from surgeries, and a little less hair.  But she's alive and kicking at 14-years-old.

"She's a happy go lucky dog, she's just another dog that wants just to play and have fun," says Kristi Eggers, Spirit's owner.

Spirit's story has inspired a movement called the Spirit Medical Fund, which pays for medical treatments on abused dogs beyond the scope of what an animal shelter could provide.  The Howl-O-Ween event today was to raise money and awareness for the Spirit fund.  Many of the dogs at the event have been saved because of this organization.

"This is Ally and she got her name because she was found in a box in an ally by one of our animal control officers several months ago," says Alisa Webster, Evansville Animal Control.  "Ally was only about 4-weeks old and she was very thing extremely emaciated, something had bitten off part of her tail."

Ally's story is just one of many dogs at the Howl-O-Ween event alive because of Spirit.

If you would like to join Spirit and save a life, you can donate to the Spirit Medical Fund by clicking here

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