The Big Chill

Frosty Friday

Those freezing temperatures have arrived!  The picture above is my car thermometer this morning.  Yikes.  Chad says we can expect a pretty cold night for football before a little weekend warmup.  Join us on Sunrise to plan your wardrobe.

Carnival Ride Accident

Several people are injured after a ride malfunctions at the North Carolina State Fair.  Find out what happened at 5.

Found Safe

A Perry County teen is found safe after being reported missing nearly a week ago.  Details at 5 and 6:30.

Body Cams

Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Deputies have a new tool to help fight crime.  We'll take a close look at their new body cameras at 5:30 and 6:30.

Game Two

The Cardinals take home game two of the World Series against the Red Sox.  Check out the highlights at 5.

We'll also tell you about several fun Halloween events happening this weekend in the Tri-State.  Join us on Sunrise.!