iPad giveaway for Henderson students with non-verbal Autism

Communicating can be difficult for kids with autism, but one Henderson group is making it easier.

The group 'Experiencing Autism Together' gave away two iPads on Friday to families with a child who has a non-verbal Autism.

Studies have shown image based apps can speak words and express things the child couldn't otherwise say.

The group paid for the technology with money from their Walk for Autism.

There are 8 more iPads for families affected by non-verbal Autism.

Teenagers and young adults must be between the ages of 12 to 21 (if they're still in school) or at least in the 6th grade until their last year of high school.

Anyone to be considered for an iPad must have a statement from a doctor or professional therapist stating they have a non-verbal Autism, and how their client would benefit from getting an iPad (It must be on official letterhead and the doctor or professional will be called to confirm of their recommendations and signature).

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