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Help the Littrels win an online cooking contest

Some Holy Name students in Henderson are hoping to win big in an online cooking contest.

Loren Vann and Mallory Littrel are contestants in the Uncle Ben's Rice "Ben's Beginners" program.

It is designed to promote kids and parents cooking together and teaching healthy eating habits.

The grand prize is $15,000 along with a $30,000 makeover for their school's cafeteria and a trip to New York to appear on the Rachel Ray Show.

"We have to depend on other sources to get our funding, so if that was $30,000 that we could just bring in, especially for our cafeteria, we have wonderful cafeteria ladies," said Angie Littrel. "They work so hard, so Janet and I were like if we can bring that money in for them, it would be so great for them."

To vote for the Littrels, click here, and type in 42420.

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